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ClickBank University

"Promote ClickBank’s Own Highly Optimized Offer! $1-$2.50 EPCs and recurring for Life!"Why you should promote ClickBank University... 4 epic reasons to promote ClickBank University 1.Huge commissions: Upsell 1 which is a 2 payments of $297 gets taken 19% of the time! This adds a huge customer value per sale!
2.High conversions: We’ve split tested millions in sales through tens of thousands of customers. We’re dialed in!
3.Lifetime recurring commissions: 95% of our customers take the $47/month offer. This means you could get commissions deposited in your account each month for LIFE!
4.Incredible content: After 2 years of development with over 200 training videos, expert interviews, weekly live trainings, free bonus courses, powerful community, and amazing phone support you know your customers are well taken care of! It’s ClickBank’s brand on the line!
Promote the classic high converting ClickBank University funnel! Inside the funnel customers will be able to join the ClickBank Buil…


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Million Leads For Free

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Millions of people would like a practical way to earn money from home. You simply give them a link to where they can join free and quickly start making money. Our income machine takes it from there and cranks out money for you.Learn More & Sign Up HereYou already qualify to earn $200 bo…

Desperate Affiliate Marketer's

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