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The Amazon Bounty Program!

The Amazon Bounty Program!

"The Amazon Bounty Program has transformed and elevated our existing partnership. With participation in the Bounty events throughout the year, we have successfully grown the program 106%.*
This program provides partners with many added benefits and rewards, while working to provide the customer with the best product deals in the marketplace. Furthermore, we are pleased to see bounty increases and new additions to the program on a regular basis.
We look forward to seeing the continued growth of this program and all that it has to offer to its associates."
*Data pulled January-June 2015 vs. 2016
Shelby Shafferman
Account Director, RetailMeNot
"The Amazon Bounty Program amplifies our users’ engagement not only in Amazon products, but also in the full Amazon shopping experience while simultaneously maximizing profitability for us as the acting publisher. Since we began focusing on the Bounty Program, our partnership with Amazon has grown drastically and …

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